“Woof! I’m here to introduce you to my hoomans who will add some sparkle to your brand. We are Netsparkz, a creative & marketing studio based out of New Delhi that align your business strategy with customer experience. The end result: A happy dog with two tails. Oh, I must not digress. The end result is a sparkling brand. Are there squirrels in outer space?”
When you choose my hoomans, you get:

Awesome Work

Fast Response

Happier Animals

What We Do

My hoomans are amazing at offering creative work, treatos, individualized attention, treatos, flexibility, treatos, quick turnaround, treatos, and things within your budget. Oh, did I mention treatos?

Brand Strategy + Identity

Turning insight, strategy and design to create a powerful connection between brand and people.

Website Design + Development

Combining identity and UI/UX design to create sophisticated brand websites for a memorable customer journey.

Social Media + Digital Marketing

Activating the brand culture in the digital space through multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Content Creation + Creative Direction

Building impact through innovative storytelling & holistic campaigns for successful branding.


Small Pack, Big Sparkz!

My small but strong pack of hoomans will make sure that your brand gets the best service in everything you need: content marketing, social media marketing, website design & development, SEO & digital marketing, videos & GIFs, branding & other collateral.
  • Branding
  • Web design
  • Landing Pages
  • Content Management Systems
  • Creative Direction
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Hosting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Ecommerce Website
  • Corporate Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Domain Purchase
Our Story
One man & his computer
My dad Anando Das Gupta starts Netsparkz from his bedroom at the age of 17. This is way before I was born.
Netsparkz 2.0
Dad gets two work partners & I get two hoomans to sniff-snoff.
The Times of Corona
We adopt another hooman this year. And they are all working extremely hard to make sure I get my treatos.
Corona Over We Zoom
Hoomans strategise with many other hoomans on how to make company big!
Give a dog good name / client testimonials

Anando’s incredible adaptability with the needs of the clients is worth mentioning, it did not take him a lot of time to understand our taste and liking, his uncanny ability to know what the client wants before they tell him makes customers feel comfortable with him. With his abilities, adaptability, and dedication, Anando makes a great designer for our company,

Hitesh Sharma

HKN Overseas

I found Anando’s design process and work ethic to be the highest level of quality. I was very impressed with Anando’s ability to listen and produce high quality artwork that not only looked great but functioned. Having already designed and produced multiple successful websites, I required that the website design meet certain criteria in order for it to be profitable. Anando not only met these requirements, but he presented a solution that seamlessly married the two.

Adam Beazly

Anando is skilled and has immense patience to deliver the best work. I was very happy with the website that he made for me. I highly recommend his services.

Dr. Kuhu Roy

Anando developed a website for me from scratch. Not only did he do this without any charges, he took it upon himself to get it done in a fixed time frame. I would never have had a website were it not for his constant dedication and encouragement. Thank you Anando for making sure all the information about my work is in one place, in a neat and accessible format. You are amazing!

Erum Ali Qureshi

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Shivam Hora

Hora Art Centre
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